Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor update adds new boss, enemy type, Overclocks, and more

It’s time to dive again, dwarves. A new update for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivors has just been deployed, invigorating the early-access title with new, free content.

The highlight of today’s update is a new boss fight. Occasionally, at the end of a dive, you may encounter the new Dreadnought Twins as opposed to the traditional Dreadnought. This new encounter features two smaller Dreadnoughts, called the Arbalest and Lacerator.

The Lacerator charges and deals melee damage while the Arbalest will shoot “deadly fireballs” at you from range. And in higher hazard levels, the abilities become “more and more intense.” Not only that, but the twins feature their own health bars and will heal each other if the difference in their health pools gets too large.

Not to be left out, though, the original Dreadnought has been reworked with new abilities. “Trembling Stomp” will shoot out a cone of spikes that will trap you in place until you dig through them, and “Swarm Bladder” is a ranged projectile that will spit out a cocoon that births a pack of Glyphid enemies. Gross.

There are two other new enemies, too, including the Q’ronar Shellback elite and Huuli Hoarder. The new elite is the bigger version of the Q’ronar Youngling, and it will roll through rocks as well as launch an acid spit attack. The Huuli Hoarder, meanwhile, is a jingling clown car that drops loot when killed.

There are also a whopping 11 new Overclocks for many of the game’s existing weapons, adding on to the already impressive amount in the base game. And finally, along with balancing and bug fixes, there’s a new and more detailed weapon inspection screen, as shown in the image above.

New weapon inspect screen in DRG: Survivors May 2024 update
Enjoy all the new info. Image via Ghost Ship Publishing

The update for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivors is available now on Steam, as are the full patch notes.

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