Hades 2 devs gathering player feedback to create ‘smooth play experience’ for first patch

The first patch of Hades 2’s early access period is in the works, the game’s developers confirmed today. 

After a stellar early access launch last week, the Hades 2 development team has already started to collect player feedback and is gathering data on how they want to proceed for the game’s first patch. In a developer update posted earlier today, Supergiant Games detailed its plans for Hades 2’s first patch, which is likely going to be released before the end of May. 

Melinoe is watching ships sail away in Hades 2
Hades 2 represents a seamless transition for experienced fans of the franchise. Screenshot by Dot Esports

“Impressions posted here on Steam, our official Discord, and beyond are letting us gauge how everyone’s feeling about the game and how that aligns with our goals,” Supergiant said. “We’re also collecting anonymous gameplay data voluntarily submitted by players, which helps us identify opportunities to improve the balance of boons, weapons, foes, and so on. This is an ongoing process that’s just getting started.”

Hades 2’s first patch will focus specifically on two main goals that have been outlined by Supergiant, one of which will be to make the new gathering mechanic less frustrating to play around with. The other will be making the franchise’s new protagonist, Melinoë, have her own “distinct style” that allows players to navigate the game in a “nimble, responsive, and expressive way.” 

Experienced Hades players should immediately feel at home with the game’s mechanics as it’s hard to tell too much of a difference between the way Melinoë handles to the way Zagreus did. While there are slight changes, such as the Sprint mechanic, many of the core gameplay differences between Zagreus and Melinoë are still going to be found in the weapons they wield, as has been the case with all Hades runs since the game’s launch back in 2020. 

To give Melinoë a more distinct playstyle, Supergiant has plans to update her Dash and Sprint. 

Supergiant mentioned that the first patch of Hades 2 early access will come before the end of May, although no official, set-in-stone timetable has been revealed. The devs have continuously pushed hotfixes to the game since it came out last week, each of which was focused on making a more “smooth play experience,” according to Supergiant. But none of those hotfixes were worth a full-blown patch preview.

When the Hades 2 dev team has enough input and feedback from the community to release the patch, we should expect a complete rundown of what’s to come at some point within the next three weeks. 

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