Hades 2’s amazing price (and the fact it may change) proves modern gaming costs are a mess

Hades 2 dropped completely out of the blue on May 6, shocking the gaming world with early access to one of the most anticipated sequels in recent memory. But even more shocking was the price Supergiant Games settled on—and what it represents for the industry.

While big games continue to slowly tick upwards into the $70 USD range more frequently as we move further into this modern console generation, Hades 2 matched the original’s $29.99 price point. Yes, the game is in early access and won’t be feature complete or on other platforms besides PC for some time yet, but for the sheer amount and quality of gaming content you are getting, that is among the best deals you could ask for.

A vinyl album featuring all of Supergiant's franchises.
Supergiant’s catalog might be the best value in gaming. Image via Supergiant Games

With its shadow drop, Hades 2 is already bigger and has more “environments, foes, and fully-voiced characters than the full version of the original Hades game,” according to Supergiant. So while you can’t play it anywhere yet and there are portions where it’s clear assets or content isn’t done yet, you can easily put dozens of hours into the roguelike, and then go back for more action with each major update on the Hades 2 roadmap.

On the back of the previous game’s excellence and Supergiant’s track record for delivering quality experience, Hades 2 broke the original’s all-time player record on Steam. The game should continue to grow as more content is added, and with an eventual console release, but the importance of that $30 price point can’t be overstated. With how often gamers complain about a game launching at full price while lacking content or being incomplete, Hades 2 is just another success story and reason for you to look beyond price tags.

This isn’t a new trend either. Indie games or titles developed by smaller teams have been openly setting an incredible standard for gaming prices while major releases battle in the $60 and up price range. Just this year we have seen Palworld shatter multiple Steam records when it launched for $30 in early access in January and Helldivers 2 became an instant hit with its $40 release in February—even if the latter just got through dealing with a major controversy.

There are even more recent examples with Animal Well, Abiotic Factor, Manor Lords, RABBIT & STEEL, Little Kitty, Big City, Another Crab’s Treasure, and the full launch of V Rising. All of these indie titles range between $15 and $40, offer completely unique experiences, and show that the market for these smaller, fleshed-out experiences is helping prop up an industry that is facing massive cuts, layoffs, and other struggles. Supergiant is no stranger to this idea either, having released all of its previous classic titles—Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, and the original Hades—in those price ranges.

Unfortunately, even Supergiant isn’t completely sure about how viable this amazing price will be for Hades 2 in the long run with the state of the industry. In the game’s Steam notes, the team noted, that depending on how long early access lasts and the “scope of additional content” added, the price may eventually increase.

So grab Hades 2 now, both to support the devs while they continue improving an already incredible game and to lock in that $29.99 tag.

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