Destiny 2: Into the Light is a ‘greatest hits’ of the franchise, includes new social space, return of a long-requested shader

Destiny 2: Into the Light is big on nostalgia, including returning weapons, a new social space in the Tower, and a shader that players have been asking about for years.

A new Bungie livestream today revealed more about the upcoming free update as the developers showed off more of what players can expect on top of Onslaught, the mode revealed last week.

In-game look at new armor sets in Destiny 2.
New armor sets are included as new loot. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The new social space, Hall of Champions, is full of loot chests that players can unlock by playing Onslaught and Destiny 2 as a whole. The new loot items include several re-issued weapons from the past, including The Mountaintop grenade launcher, Midnight Coup hand cannon, Luna’s Howl hand cannon, The Recluse SMG, Blast Furnace pulse rifle, Falling Guillotine heavy sword, and several re-issued raid weapons.

But one of the newest reveals, a pinnacle reward in Hall of Champions, is the return of the Superblack shader from Destiny 1. The shader turns weapons and armor a pure, dark black color, and players have been looking for its return ever since.

The Hall of Champions is reminiscent of the rewards area with Xur in Bungie’s 30th Anniversary event alongside the Dares of Eternity mode. Along with the weapons, these reward chests and the shader seem to be the main draw of the update to bring players back in to arm themselves before The Final Shape launches on June 4.

With a couple of months of time to fill, Into the Light looks like it’s already sounding cool enough to entice some players to jump back into the servers ahead of the DLC’s release when fireteams reunite to take on The Witness. But there’s still one more livestream next week on April 2 to reveal even more features coming in the update.

Destiny 2: Into the Light launches free for all players on April 9.

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