Holy Cow blesses MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction Limited format

Wizards of the Coast has designed an Ox Angel Magic: The Gathering creature called Holy Cow for the Outlaws of Thunder Junction set.

The phrase “holy cow” was immortalized in baseball through the late Harry Caray, shouting the catchphrase loudly any time Cubs players made a great or horrible play during my childhood. WotC has tapped into the catchphrase and turned it into an Ox Angel MTG card for the Outlaws of Thunder Junction (OTJ) set. And I think Caray would appreciate the card if he was still here with us.

Angelic cow flying over farms and fields
“After it passed by, the rancher swore she saw hope shining in the pig’s eyes.” Image via WotC

Magic players should appreciate Holy Cow too as the three-drop should have a decent impact on the OTJ Limited format. And it has what I think will be the best flavor text from the Standard-legal set. 

Holy Cow is a three-drop 2/2 in White that has Flash and Flying. The Ox Angel adds value through its ETB effect, which has you gain two life points and Scry for one. 

  • Card name: Holy Cow
  • Mana cost: 2W
  • Type: Creature—Ox Angel
  • Rarity: Common
  • Stats: 2/2
  • Keywords: Flash and Flying
  • Ability: “When Holy Cow enters the battlefield, you gain two life and Scry one.”
  • Flavor text: “After it passed by, the rancher swore she saw hope shining in the pig’s eyes.”

The Common is a new take on Inspiring Overseer from SNC, a card that not only performed well in Limited but Constructed too. Holy Cow isn’t as strong as Inspiring Overseer as it’s not a Cleric, although it does still have value through its ability that makes the three-drop worth playing.

Any time you gain life in Limited is a win, which Holy Cow does upon entering the battlefield. It also has you Scry for one, providing card advantage over your opponent. As a bonus, Holy Cow is a 2/2 with Flash and Flying. You can block almost anything that attacks or cast the angel onto the battlefield at the end of your opponent’s turn, allowing you to see the top of your library.  

You can test out Holy Cow and the rest of the Outlaws of Thunder Junction MTG cards when the set launches through Prerelease events on April 12. 

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