Destiny 2 is getting its first heavy trace rifle in The Final Shape

Destiny 2 players are getting one of the game’s most unique trace rifles ever with The Final Shape—and it doesn’t use green ammo.

The upcoming Microcosm Exotic trace rifle will go in the Heavy slot when it launches with Destiny 2‘s next expansion, Bungie teased today. Although this weapon type has been around for years, this is the first time one will use purple bricks instead of green ones.

As an Exotic, Microcosm’s flavor comes from more than just its ammo type. It “deals massive bonus damage to shields,” as shown in the weapon’s trailer, and appears to fire a large, high-damage beam.

The extra damage to shields may not be its only trait, though: Osteo Striga’s description in The Witch Queen gear trailer was a simple “swarming projectiles trigger a toxic burst,” which doesn’t do justice to one of the game’s best submachine guns. It doesn’t mention Striga’s interaction with the Necrotic Grips Warlock gauntlets, either, so it’s hard to know the trace rifle’s full potential.

If its gimmick is simply dealing extra damage to shields, Microcosm may not see much use. Arbalest, the popular linear fusion rifle, already performs perfectly fine in that space. Microcosm can carve out a spot if it deals more damage, is more ammo-efficient, and brings more utility than Legendary options in your third slot, though we must wait until more official information surfaces to know its full potential.

In the build-up to The Final Shape, Bungie also revealed the return of an iconic weapon with the new expansion. The Khvostov 7G-0X Exotic is a version of the first rifle the Guardian obtains in Destiny, and it’s making its way to the sequel as an homage to its original counterpart.

Players can try out Microcosm, the Khvostov 7G-0X, the Prismatic subclass, and more when The Final Shape is released on June 4.

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