One LoL team is dominating so much at MSI they’re averaging 18 kills a game

This year’s League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational is packed with intense games full of ups and downs, close calls, and many, many kills—and one team is wiping Summoner’s Rift clean with their play so often that they are averaging 18 of them per game.

According to pro play stats,, G2 top the charts with their unique approach. The only other team that got close so far is Fnatic with 16.4, while Asian teams like Gen. G, T1, and Top Esports average 14 kills each match. 

Team stats at MSI 2024
G2 has impressive stats at MSI 2024. Screenshot by Dot Esports via

G2 is quite known for their aggression, especially in the early game. The team usually picks strong champions like Kalista, Nautilus, and Vi. Players like Hansama and Mikyx are always on the lookout for early kills, and they later use this as a means to snowball their lead and close out the game.

Given that G2 is playing aggressively, you’d expect that they have a lot of deaths, but that’s actually not been the case so far. The team has the lowest death count at MSI, with only 10.4 deaths per game. Even Gen.G, the team WITH a stellar track record at this tournament, averages 12.2 per match.

That said, Gen.G has already locked in their spot in the finals after the match with Bilibili Gaming. G2, on the other hand, still has to go through T1 and Bilibili Gaming if they are to face off against the giants of MSI 2024.

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