Destiny 2 players baffled by Hung Jury’s inclusion in Into The Light’s weapon arsenal

Destiny 2 is touting Into The Light’s 12 returning weapons as some of the game’s greatest hits on a revenge tour, but players have been quick to point out that one of the featured guns doesn’t fit the description. In fact, many don’t understand Hung Jury’s inclusion whatsoever.

“Of all the amazing scouts in Destiny, we got Hung Jury back?” asked one perplexed user on Reddit. It isn’t that the Hung Jury SR4 is a bad scout rifle necessarily, but three versions of it have already existed since it was first added to Destiny 2 in season 14. Compared to other guns coming with Into The Light on April 9, such as Hammerhead or Midnight Coup, which haven’t been seen since the advent of sunsetting, many people feel it’s an odd choice to make a new version of.

Various classes and subclasses in Destiny 2
Destiny 2’s scouts haven’t been in vogue for a long time. Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 content creator IFrostBolt echoed that sentiment on X (formerly Twitter), calling the choice a “boring” one. “Why do they keep reissuing that thing?” IFrostBolt said. “There were so many other bangers they could of brought back.” With only 12 weapons getting picked to honor Destiny’s past, Hung Jury is a “wasted” slot in his eyes.

Scout rifles don’t often leave much of an impact on the player base, but he highlighted currently unavailable guns such as Black Armory’s No Feelings and Patron of Lost Causes from Season of Dawn as more desirable alternatives. These were choices echoed by his peers too, with My Name is Byf saying they were “totally robbed” in reply.

But some players looked even further back when pondering what a better choice of scout rifle would have been. With Elsie’s Rifle, a gun from Destiny vanilla, being among Into The Light’s arsenal, that opened the door to classic suggestions such as Treads Upon Stars and Chaos Dogma. Hung Jury itself was once an original Destiny weapon that got brought back for Destiny 2, setting an even greater precedent for such a pick.

When Hung Jury is up against returning titans like The Recluse and The Mountaintop, as well as two raid weapons that will be available to free-to-play players for the first time, it’s understandably tough for many people to be excited. Plus, Guardians will already be extra picky with what they’re farming in Onslaught thanks to the Attunement system. Unless Hung Jury is hiding some groundbreaking new perk combinations in this new perk pool, most players will be just fine focusing rolls of its previous version at Zavala.

Still, Into The Light is a completely free update and the 11 other available weapons have gone down as a smash hit. One bad egg in the batch is hardly going to sway players away from sinking a ton of hours into Onslaught when it’s released on Tuesday, April 9—especially if they want to get the much anticipated Superblack Shader.

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