XQc finally redeems himself in Counter-Strike with stunning Deagle ace

For the longest time, whenever someone connected streamer xQc and Counter-Strike, only one disastrous clip came to mind. But now, maybe a new highlight can put the timeless lowlight to rest.

One of the most watched xQc clips comes from him playing CS:GO. On his official clips channel on YouTube, the clip is called “xQc Performs The Worst Round In CS:GO History.” It’s one of the most watched videos on the channel, and the title is pretty accurate.

In the space of 40 seconds during a match on Cache, xQc managed to do almost everything wrong. He messed up the short, underhand grenade toss trying to get the enemy near Sandbags and his Molotov toss went awry and landed at his teammate’s feet. He then lied about throwing the Molotov, flashed his teammate, shot his teammate in the head, and was then killed by a flanking enemy with a pistol.

While there’s plenty that went wrong in that clip, xQc at the very least got a couple of headshot kills with the Deagle, though one of them was his own teammate. But the former Overwatch League pro has always had good aim, even if his decision-making wasn’t the best. And in a much more recent CS2 clip, that aim prowess resurfaced, and he produced an incredible Deagle ace highlight.

In what might be his “clip of the year,” xQc managed to get an ace with the Deagle despite being the only player alive and while effectively trapped in the Chair spot on Mirage. Perhaps it was his teammate’s wager of $500 that provided the motivation, but the ace also came at a pivotal point as it occurred after his team had lost the pistol round, breaking the CT side’s economy.

Perhaps a bit of luck was involved, which xQc is already accustomed to when it comes to opening cases in CS2, but a highlight is a highlight no matter what.

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