Overwatch 2’s new hero Venture playable this weekend, full kit showcased

Get ready to dive into Overwatch 2 with its newest hero, Venture, in a playable test this weekend.

Venture will be available to play from March 28 to 31, Blizzard announced today. The new damage hero, who identifies non-binary, also had their entire kit revealed. They are able to use a drill to burrow under the map and more to deal damage to enemies.

Overwatch 2s new hero Venture playable this weekend full kit
The full kit for Venture. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Venture’s weapon, Smart Excavator, launches a seismic charge that bursts after a short distance, and their Ultimate will send out damaging shockwaves. They also have two passives, which grant temporary shields when using abilities, and also allows their quick melee to deal more damage.

Their abilities are Burrow, which allows them to move underground and become invulnerable only to emerge and deal damage in the area, and Drill Dash which will launch them forward to push enemies back.

Venture will release in Overwatch 2’s season 10, which is set to begin on April 16.

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