Destiny 2 players call for nerfs to ‘jank’ The Final Shape super in PvP

Aside from the Prismatic subclass, The Final Shape added one new Light super for each class in Destiny 2, and one of them is already dominating PvP.

In The Final Shape, Hunters got a Storm’s Edge super that lets them blink from point A to point B and damage the enemies around them in a split second, up to three times. While Storm’s Edge is average in PvE, it leaves no-one standing in PvP and can easily one-shot Guardians. On June 5, Destiny 2 players on Reddit agreed the super needs to be “neutered.”

A Hunter casting the new Arc Super, Storm's Edge.
You can’t run, you can’t hide. Image via Bungie

“You need to have light speed reaction to the Hunter using it and even then they possibly have already homed in on your exact position even if the knife is not remotely anywhere near you,” a player wrote in the post.

If a Hunter activates the super when you’re in their sights, you’re as good as dead. While you can say the same about any super in Destiny 2, the fact that it has three charges and no possible counter makes it very frustrating to play against. On top of that, many players are reporting getting hit by Storm’s Edge through walls and cover.

The OP highlighted that most issues with this super could be solved by removing the additional damage resistance the user gets while it’s active. This would give you a window of opportunity to shut down the Hunter before they get more kills.

On its own, the Storm’s Edge is annoying but not unbearable. Instead, it’s part of a wider issue in PvP, which is Prismatic Hunters overall. Creators like GernaderJake already pointed out Prismatic Hunters’ strength in PvP, especially with their Strand clones. After the latest Khvostov 7G-0X and Speaker’s Sight nerfs, Prismatic Hunters should be next on Bungie’s balancing list.

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