How to unlock Enzo in The First Descendant

There are lots of Descendants to choose from in The First Descendant, but most aren’t immediately accessible. So, how do you get Enzo? We have the answer.

The First Descendant has over 20 playable Descendants and more are on the way, but the method to obtain them is time-consuming if you aren’t willing to fork out cash for an immediate unlock. Whichever route you choose to go down to unlock Enzo, we’ve got all the details you need.

How to get Enzo in The First Descendant

Enzo shown in the shop page in The First Descendant.
Splash out. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The quickest way to get Enzo in The First Descendant is to purchase him in the shop for 600 Caliber, which instantly unlocks Enzo as a playable Descendant in your roster.

Caliber in The First Descendant can only be purchased in bundles, so the cheapest way to purchase Enzo is with the 520 Caliber bundle and 250 Caliber bundle, which comes to $14.98. Alternatively, you can purchase the 1060 Caliber bundle for $19.99 and have a few Caliber to spare.

You don’t need to pay anything to unlock Enzo, however, as all Descendants are craftable in-game by grinding for resources, though this is much more time-consuming.

How to craft Enzo in The First Descendant

Enzo shown in the crafting menu in The First Descendant.
Grind time. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Unlike characters like Freyna and Bunny, whose materials you can gather by completing missions, unlocking Enzo requires several stages of crafting to get the precise materials you need, as well as grinding for loot.

You need four materials to unlock Enzo, three of which you must craft beforehand, while you unlock the final material through hunting for a specific drop. You can see a breakdown of each material and how to get it below.

Enzo Enhanced Cells

  • 499x Monomolecular Extractor: Agna Desert Resource Box & Munition
  • 292x Flectorite: White-night Gulch Resource Box & Munition
  • 58x Inorganic Biogel: Vespers Lumbar Yard & Vespers Lost Supply Depot
  • 1x Enzo Enhanced Cells Blueprint

The Enzo Enhanced Cells Blueprint is the most time-consuming to find, with four possible drop locations. Three of them are in Intercept Battles from Grave Walker (Amorphous Material Pattern: 003), Hanged Man (Amorphous Material Pattern: 050) and Swamp Walker [Hard] (Amorphous Material Pattern: 097).

The final way to obtain the Enzo Enhanced Cells Blueprint is from the Void Fusion Reactor – Agna Desert Miragestone Deposit.

Enzo Stabilizer

  • 430x Silicon: Echo Swamp Resource Box & Munition
  • 363x Nanopolymers: Agna Desert Resource Box & Munition
  • 90x Advanced Neural Circuit: White-night Gulch Mission Monsters
  • 1x Enzo Stabilizer Blueprint

Once again, the Enzo Stabilizer Blueprint will take the most time to obtain, with four potential drop locations. Two are from Intercept Battles against Pyromanic (Amorphous Material Pattern: 039) and Hanged Man (Amorphous Material Pattern: 051).

The other two options are from Void Fusion Reactor Hagios Dune Base and Echo Swamp [Hard] Void Fusion Reactor Muskeg Swamp.

Enzo Spiral Catalyst

  • 290x Semi-permanent Plasma: Vespers Resource Box & Munition
  • 408x Ceramic Composite: White-night Gulch Resource Box & Munition
  • 42x Positive Ion Particle: Agna Desert Mission Monsters
  • 1x Enzo Spiral Catalyst Blueprint

Two of the four possible drop locations for the Enzo Spiral Catalyst are in Intercept battles, from Stunning Beauty (Amorphous Material Pattern: 011) and Pyromanic (Amorphous Material Pattern: 037), though you need the required Amorphous Material Patterns for each of those.

If you don’t have the Amorphous Material Patterns to try your luck, head to the Void Fusion Reactor – Echo Swamp Derelict Covert on Normal difficulty, or the Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor – Hagios Corrupted Zone on Hard difficulty.

Enzo Code

The last material required to craft Enzo is the Enzo Code which, unlike the other three materials, is a direct drop and doesn’t need to be crafted beforehand. However, this means it’s down to the mercy of the RNG gods.

Intercept Battles against Dead Bride (Amorphous Material Pattern: 025) and Hanged Man (Amorphous Material Pattern: 053) are a potential source if you have the required Amorphous Material, but if you don’t, there are two other options.

The Void Fusion Reactor – White-night Gulch Hatchery on Normal difficulty is one potential drop location, and the other is the Abyssal Bod Fusion Reactor – Agna Desert Miragestone Deposit on Hard difficulty.

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