Place for a blowout NYT Crossword clue hints

I completely over-complicated today’s NYT Mini Crossword. I couldn’t get my head around the “place for a blowout” clue until it hit me—it was obvious.

“Blowout” has several meanings depending on where you come from. My first instinct was some sort of explosion or argument, but where does that occur? In reality, the answer was a lot more straightforward.

Hints and answer to Place for a blowout Crossword clue

A crossword square from the NYT mini crosswords
A few hints to help you solve the puzzle. Screenshot by Dot Esports
  • Hint 1: A beauty service.
  • Hint 2: Another word for a barber.
  • Hint 3: It starts with “S.”
  • Hint 4: Somewhere you get your haircut.

Skip this section if you don’t want me to spoil the answer.

The answer to “Place for a blowout” in today’s crossword is “SALON.” A blowout is another word for blowdrying your hair, so where better than a salon? A blowout can also be defined as an outburst, argument, or even an overwhelming victory. I personally never use the word salon when referring to a haircut. I call it a hairdresser or a barber, so I think that’s what initially confused me.

Full answers for the July 7 NYT Mini Crossword


  • 1A To whom Freddie Mercury sings “Didn’t mean to make you cry …,” in “Bohemian Rhapsody” – MAMA
  • 5A Place for a blowout – SALON
  • 6A Formal decree – EDICT
  • 7A Chip topped with queso and jalapeños – NACHO
  • 8A  Nasty – Mean


  • 1D “Dear sir or ___ …” – MADAM
  • 2D Pulitzer-winning novelist Walker – ALICE
  • 3D Chocolaty coffee drink – MOCHA
  • 4D Playwright Chekhov – ANTON

Place for a blowout crossword clue difficulty rating

Although I initially found this puzzle difficult, I’d actually say it’s relatively easy compared to many clues I come across in NYT crosswords. I’d give it a three out of five considering blowout’s wide usage in the United States. But you might struggle with this if you’re from across the pond (like me).

How to play more Crosswords after solving the NYT Mini

Check out the LA TimesWashington Post, and other online newspapers or mobile apps if you want to play more mini crosswords after solving today’s NYT puzzle. While The New York Times is my go-to outlet for crosswords, there’s no harm in going further afield for your crossword hit. It’s also worth checking out word games like Strands and Spelling Bee. They’re free and a lot of fun.

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