One of CS2’s new maps has a serious problem

On June 25, Counter-Strike 2 was updated with a few new maps for specific game modes, including Assembly and Memento for the Wingman mode. It turns out one of the new maps has a serious issue.

CS2 player /u/theRealFakez shared a clip on the CS2 subeddit on July 7 showing them being shot through a wall on Memento. Understandably, the player was frustrated and wanted to know how on earth it was possible.

Initially, we were also clueless, and thought it was one of those “CS2’d” moments where a shot is quicker than the player animation. To ease his bitterness, theRealFakez checked the demo after the match was over, and it turns out the Memento map is missing a collision mesh in a few spots.

In the demo video, you can see the enemy shooting through the wall texture. While the texture is visible and blocks the view, it doesn’t match the environment mesh, meaning bullets can pass through it. This is exactly what happened to theRealFakez, whose enemy continued spitting bullets through the wall, hitting the streamer in the head.

With CS2 being plagued by issues, this one’s hardly surprising, given it’s a community-made map featured in the Wingman mode. It’s likely the fault of the player who made it and should be easily fixable. Having said that, it would be wise to check whether Memento has other mistakes like these in other areas of the map.

Since the June 25 patch went live, the game hasn’t seen any new major updates. Hopefully, Valve is working on one to address CS2’s important issues, like cheaters.

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