Zenless Zone Zero – How to get more movies in ZZZ

Belle and Wise’s thrilling gig as Proxies navigating the Hollows often takes a backseat to their less glamorous side hustle: Running the Random Play video club in Zenless Zone Zero.

Zenless Zone Zero mainly revolves around assembling a team of badass Agents to crush Ethereal enemies. The combat is lightning-fast, the puzzles are mind-bending, and the gacha mechanic makes blowing Encrypted Master Tapes on five-star characters utterly irresistible. Typical Hoyoverse antics, right? But ZZZ throws a curveball and has you moonlighting as a part-time Blockbuster employee. You’ll quickly find out that managing Random Play isn’t a walk in the park.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to unlock and run the Video Club, and most importantly, how to get more movies for Random Play in Zenless Zone Zero.

How to unlock the Video Club in Zenless Zone Zero

To unlock the Video Club in ZZZ, complete the Prologue: Business x Strangeness x Justness and Prologue: Intermission main quests in Zenless Zone Zero. During these quests, you meet Asha at the Arcade, Tin Master at Coff Coffee, and Bangboos at the convenience store.

After collecting these items, drag yourself back to the Random Play shop. Here you meet Heddy, who introduces you to the Video Store. Congratulations, you now own a video store in a digital dystopia.

How the Video Club works in Zenless Zone Zero

Speaking to Video Club Promoter ZZZ
Business is blooming. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Running the Video Club is straightforward, if you enjoy constant stress and micromanagement. Here’s everything need to manage in the Video Club in Zenless Zone Zero:


Think of Promoters as your overworked, underpaid staff. At first, you’re stuck with Bangboo 18. Don’t worry—more promoters join your misery as you progress, including Betty, Travis, Sjal, Anby, Nicole, Billy Kid, and Nekomata.

Promoters determine the rewards you get from running the store. So, if you’re after a specific upgrade material, put an Agent with that Attribute Type in charge for the day.


Each day, you must check what’s trending. Stock up on the Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Action, Retro, and Documentary genres.


Customers meander around your store. Talk to them, figure out their genre preferences, and recommend movies. This earns you Dennies.

How to get More movies for the Video Club

Video Club mechanic with movies ZZZ
A solid lineup. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Expanding your video library involves more grind and less glory. To unlock more movies or Tapes, as Zenless Zone Zero calls them, you must upgrade the Random Play video club.

With each upgrade, you get new Tapes, boost daily revenue, and knock out Trust Commissions from Agents. The highest store level is level six.

  • To upgrade Random Play to level 2, reach Inter-Knot Level 20.
  • To upgrade Random Play to level 3, reach Inter-Knot Level 25.
  • To upgrade Random Play to level 4, reach Inter-Knot Level 30.
  • To upgrade Random Play to level 5, reach Inter-Knot Level 35.
  • To upgrade Random Play to level 6, reach Inter-Knot Level 40.

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