Destiny 2 players can get their hands on even more BRAVE weapons ahead of The Final Shape

Destiny 2 is only two weeks away from the release of its biggest expansion, The Final Shape. With the new expansion, some content added with the Into the Light update is leaving for good, including shiny BRAVE weapon rolls.

Luckily, with the Destiny 2 weekly reset on May 21, Bungie increased drop rates for BRAVE weapons and Trophies of Bravery. More BRAVE weapons and Trophies mean more chances of getting a shiny variant of a BRAVE weapon, so now is the best time ever to jump back into Onslaught and farm them.

Three guardians leap at a portal in Destiny 2's Onslaught activity.
It was fun while it lasted. Image via Bungie

The bonus rewards are active from now until The Final Shape’s launch on June 4. Having said that, even though the shiny variants are going away, you’ll still be able to earn regular versions of the BRAVE weapons once the expansion is out. 

Bungie previously confirmed that Onslaught activity is staying in Destiny 2 and will be moved to the Vanguard Ops node in the Director in The Final Shape. So if you haven’t got that god-roll Luna’s Howl yet, there’ll still be opportunities to get it in the future.

Shiny rolls aren’t the only thing leaving the game in two weeks. The Hall of Champions social space, the Superblack shader, and the Parade armor sets will also be unobtainable once The Final Shape launches. Bungie mentioned plans to bring back both the Superblack shader and the Parade armor at some point during the Episodes, but right now, we don’t know when or in what form that will happen.

Use this time to get all the rewards you possibly can from the Into the Light update and prepare to face the Witness in The Final Shape on June 4.

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