A game where you literally just click a banana is one of Steam’s most played games right now and I can’t figure out why

You can never tell which games will take off on Steam, and Banana is a great example. It has a simple premise—repeatedly click a banana to raise your score—and somehow, it has over 16,000 players on Steam.

Banana is free, which is a big pull, and offers DLC banana skins to shake things up a bit. But there isn’t any interesting gameplay here, and there isn’t a secret waiting for you after you click enough times. You’re simply clicking a banana to make your score go up, and that’s all there is to it.

As of May 22, Banana has an astonishing 16,084 concurrent Steam players, and an all-time peak of 18,562. I don’t understand how—I get that Banana is a meme, and it’s likely being shared as a joke, but the sheer number of players just sitting there, clicking a banana, waiting for something to happen, is pretty wild.

What’s even wilder is how many hours some people have been playing Banana. A quick look at the reviews section of Banana’s Steam page reveals there are players with anywhere from 20 to 150 hours in-game. Just sitting there, clicking a banana, as their score slowly rises.

This isn’t even the only banana-themed game to get a ton of love out of nowhere. Banana Shooter is also enjoying a player count surge over the last few days, and hit a peak of 16,000 players on May 21. The rise of the banana is truly upon us.

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