Destiny 2 players desperately want this scrapped Titan Super to return

The Strand Super for Titans in Destiny 2, Beyblade, had a different design back in the Alpha version of the Lightfall expansion, and now players want to see that old version return. 

In the Lightfall Showcase livestream back in 2022, Bungie showcased the Strand subclass and its Supers. The Beyblade showed there was seemingly a one-off Super where the Guardian spins for a short duration and unleashes an unraveling field at the end. On April 7, Destiny 2 players on Reddit asked Bungie to finally give them this scrapped Super.

A Titan wields their Strand super, their hands encased in two green blades, on Neomuna.
Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 players agreed that anything is better than just “run around and melee,” which is what most Titan Supers are about, including the Beyblade. There are almost no one-off Supers in their arsenal apart from the Ward of Dawn, Thundercrash, and the Burning Maul that can be modified into a one-off ability using the Pyrogale Gauntlets Exotic.

Beyblade is a powerful Super, but having an alternative is always great. Both Stasis and Strand subclasses currently have very only one melee and one Super ability per class. But the existence of a one-off Beyblade at least keeps some hope alive that the Darkness subclasses will get additional Supers in the future.

“I do foresee a ‘darkness 2.0’ coming at some point though, with alternative supers, and hopefully melees too, but I’m not holding my breath,” one player wrote. Bungie has already teased fundamental reworks to Stasis coming after The Final Shape, so Strand might also get some attention further down the line.

In the meantime, Titan mains can look forward to their new Void Super coming with The Final Shape expansion on June 4. The Super will make you leap into the air and quickly throw three Void axes at the enemy. The axes then will remain on the ground for players to pick up and use for dealing damage. It’s not exactly a one-off Super, but you can always just not pick up the axe and use your weapons instead.

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