How to make Shad Ceviche in Disney Dreamlight Valley

One of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s most fun and rewarding activities is cooking with Ratatouille’s Remy.

Ever since Chez Remy came into the Valley, his restaurant has become an integral part of the Disney Dreamlight Valley. Villagers become diners you can serve in exchange for friendship level XP. Remy’s kitchen serves as your canvas, allowing you to experiment with diverse ingredients and whip up delectable dishes. Amid the joy of concocting random recipes, encountering monstrous failures can be disheartening. With the Shad Ceviche recipe, you can wave goodbye to those failed experiments in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Shad Ceviche Recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

remy with shad ceviche
Remy’s pleased. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Here’s every ingredient you need to make Shad Ceviche in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • One Shad: Caught from white and blue ripples in the Docks and The Overlook from the Ancient Landing biome in Eternity Isle.
  • One Lemon: Harvested from trees in the Forest of Valor or Glade of Trust.
  • One Onion: Purchased from Goofy’s Stall in the Forest of Valor for 255 Star Coins each.
  • One Tomato: Grown from Tomato seeds available in Goofy’s Stall in The Grasslands, The Lagoon, The Promenade, and The Grove for 22 Star Coins each.

Once you have all the ingredients, interact with Chez Remy’s stove to make Shad Ceviche in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can unlock this four-star appetizer meal in Act One of the Eternity Isle DLC. You can sell it for 427 Star coins or consume it to restore 1,696 stamina points.

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