Pokémon Go April Community Day suggests Bellsprout is coming soon

Niantic is starting to tease its upcoming April 2024 Pokémon Go Community Day, and it seems like this time around, the featured Pokemon is a disappointing Kanto grass-type Pokémon.

A teaser on April 8 showcased an open grassy pass with a mysterious leaf peaking out in the background. The video ends with a Pokémon’s cry that distinctively sounds like Bellsprout, convincing many trainers that Bellsprout will be the main star this month.

If it is Bellsprout, it would fall under a funny set of coincidences. Bellsprout’s Pokédex number is 069, and the Community Day would likely fall until April 20, or 4/20, so the Reddit community has been memeing about it since the reveal.

Even so, many trainers aren’t thrilled at Bellsprout potentially being the main star for April’s Pokémon Go Community Day.

Bellsprout has been included in many events in recent years, giving trainers ample time to get the shiny form. Others hoped for bigger-named Pokémon like Goomy to tie themselves over until May’s Community Day, which is likely to star Popplio.

Many trainers, including myself, might decide to miss this event if Bellsprout gets revealed due to the lackluster appeal. Of course, if you are a big Bellsprout fan or don’t have it yet to complete your Kanto Pokédex, then all the power to you.

Niantic has still yet to officially confirm Bellsprout, so maybe all of this is just a late April Fools Joke. I doubt it, but wishful thinking.

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