Destiny 2 players hope Bungie “keeps cooking with Onslaught”

The Into the Light update for Destiny 2 added some of the best PvE content we’ve seen in the past few years with Onslaught, and players hope it lasts longer than the average activity.

Onslaught has everything you can possibly want from an activity: Replayability, great loot, and a degree of challenge on both Normal and Legend difficulties. It quickly became Guardians’ favorite, and on April 23, Destiny 2 players on Reddit agreed Bungie has to keep developing the activity after The Final Shape launches.

A guardian in Midtown throws a battery into the ADU to repair it during an Onslaught mission in Destiny 2.
The ADUs aren’t going to protect themselves. Image via Bungie

Bungie has already confirmed Onslaught will remain in the game after The Final Shape and will move to a dedicated node inside Vanguard Ops. The developer also mentioned that weapon Attunement, Parade armor sets, and the Superblack shader will return during Episodes. However, this doesn’t mean the game mode will receive new content, and players are worried Bungie will forget about it like it often happens with other Destiny 2 activities.

Instead, players want the developer to keep expanding the mode, add new maps, and bring more iconic weapons back. “But of course it could potentially be extended to include dedicated maps with easter eggs, perks, maybe buying weapons from enemy fractions such as the scorch cannon or the Hobgoblin sniper etc,” one fan added, highlighting that Onslaught can practically draw inspiration from Call of Duty Zombies, as the two are similar in concept.

There are many weapons that players would love to see back in the game, from Dust Rock Blues to Vestian Dynasty. I’m still hoping to see the Steelfeather Repeater from Season of Dawn return at some point, and Onslaught is the perfect place for that to happen.

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