Fortnite Festival vows to add custom keybinding and additional PC support

Fortnite Festival will add further updates to improve playability on guitar controllers, following criticisms directed after the launch of season three.

Season three of Fortnite Festival, centered around the debut of Billie Eilish, also saw the introduction of a long-requested feature to add compatibility with guitar controllers—acting as a full revival to the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

FN trailer Billie Eilish
Rocking out has issues. Image via Epic Games

Compatibility is limited initially, however, with just three options each for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms, with the latter having the most restrictions as two controllers from RockBand 4 also required a Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Adapter to use.

Criticisms were immediately directed towards the launch, with Epic Partner @aWiseMoose describing it as a “disaster,” which went against “initial messaging that all RB4 (Rock Band 4) compatible guitars” would be usable in Fortnite Festival.

The pricing is a particular sticking point, with many fans having long gotten rid of their guitar controllers for games like Rock Band 4 as that era of gaming had seemingly been left in the scrapheap, with the mode costing “$130 to play”—and more if you purchase instruments off reselling platforms.

@aWiseMoose added that adding compatibility for a larger variety of guitar controllers to work in Pro mode was the “only solution” and the “quickest solution” would be to allow players to assign keybinds for this mode.

Fortunately, it seems Epic Games has listened as a post on X (formerly Twitter) promised that custom keybinding and support for additional guitar controllers on PC would be added “in the future.”

The good news doesn’t end there either because it added it would “kick off conversations with console makers” to “expand instrument compatibility anywhere it seems feasible.”

It remains to be seen how long players will have to wait for these improvements to be added. Either way, the delay some players have endured has led to huge amounts of frustration.

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