Destiny 2 set to increase PvE damage for several weapon archetypes in The Final Shape expansion

Now less than three weeks away from launch, details about Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion are becoming clearer with each passing day.

In a new blog post today, Bungie revealed a preview of the massive update patch coming alongside Destiny 2: The Final Shape in just a few weeks and teased some wholesale changes coming for weapon tuning in the expansion.

A group of Guardians stand together, with a Titan at the front wielding an axe that is awash in purple Void light.
Bring the firepower. Image via Bungie

To compensate for the removal of Spec mods such as Boss Spec, Taken Spec, Minor Spec, Major Spec, and more, base PvE damage against all combatants will be increasing in The Final Shape in a variety of increments.

Buffs include 20 percent more damage for pulse rifles, 10 percent more damage for pellet shotguns, nine percent for slug shotguns, and seven percent for fusion rifles, sniper rifles, and glaive projectiles, and more. There are some exceptions, like with certain exotics, but in general, weapons will hit a bit harder than before.

The patch notes also include a slew of information on changes coming to specific exotic weapons, such as a buff for Symmetry’s Catalyst, a reduction in healing by The Lament, an increase in AoE damage for Truth, and more.

There are even some changes coming for weapon perks, but Bungie announced the return of a popular exotic weapon today, too. The Khvostov 7G-0X, an exotic variant of the very first weapon wielded by Guardians as they awoke in Destiny 1 in 2014, is coming in the DLC.

Yesterday, Bungie announced three new exotic armor pieces in The Final Shape, one for each class, all centered around making things explode, such as the creepy new enemy race that fights for the franchise’s big bad, The Witness.

To read the full weapon tuning patch notes, head on over to Bungie’s website before Destiny 2: The Final Shape launches on June 4.

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