LoL fans already hate the new mastery system update: ‘Way too grindy’

It hasn’t been too long since League of Legends’ new mastery system was implemented by Riot Games, but summoners are already lamenting the changes and how difficult it has become to complete certain challenges.

On the League subreddit, for example, multiple threads have popped up on the front page around the current grind of the mastery system and how the latest changes are now forcing players to play even more games to earn outrageous amounts of mastery points for specific champions instead of testing their true skills.

New mastery emotes for League of Legends
What are your thoughts on the new mastery system? Images via Riot Games

One player explained they wanted to reach the highest mastery level on every champion when hitting levels six and seven required players to gain S ranks with their performance. With the new system, however, they must now grind out and play many games to gain a huge amount of points to achieve the same goal, which they claim negates what mastery was supposed to represent in the first place: mastery of a champion and not countless hours of play.

Another user said they were trying to complete a challenge called Sage, which has players reach level seven mastery for different champs. With the new update, Riot raised the requirement for this challenge from level seven to level 10, which has now dropped players in capstone challenge rank while making the quest even harder.

There were even players who had already earned the Sage challenge, only for them to lose the challenge completion due to the mastery changes. As a result, they claim to have lost multiple titles that were linked to their completion of the challenge as well, forcing them into the grind once more.

Many other users have already complained about the new mastery emotes and icons that were added with the update, but now, players have brought up another unsatisfactory part of the changes with the total mastery points being removed in exchange for mastery level. Most players wish to see that they have millions of mastery points for a champion, not a short, lackluster number marking the checkpoint they’ve reached.

Overall, the new mastery system has left players disgruntled and disappointed, with many calling for Riot to make some changes in an upcoming update. The developers have yet to respond to the criticisms, but if the community continues to rise up against the changes, we could see some adjustments soon.

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