Shocking MTG Eldrazi MH3 and Commander cards drop through revived stories

Wizards of the Coast has dusted off some Magic: The Gathering Eldrazi story content, republishing it through three waves that contain new and reprinted Eldrazi cards for Modern Horizons 3 and Commander cards from the Eldrazi Precon. 

All Eldrazi MH3 spoilers from May 15 MTG revived stories

WotC previewed five Eldrazi MTG cards on May 15 through the first of three revived Magic stories. The four from Modern Horizons 3 were new and a reprint was shown from the Commander Precon, Eldrazi Incursion. 

Corrupted Shapeshifter

Eldrazi Shapeshifter in MH3
Versatility is powerful. Image via WotC

Synergizing with Arcades, Corrupted Shapeshifter is the Strategist in Commander. The Common rarity MH3 card has Devoid and enters the battlefield as either a 3/3 Flyer, 2/5 Vigilance, or 0/12 Defender. 

Wumpus Aberration

Eldrazi besst in MH3
Large body for a cheap cost. Image via WotC

The Wumpus Aberration MH3 spoiler is a callback to Hunt the Wumpus, a text-based adventure game released in 1972. The Uncommon card won’t likely impact Modern or Commander but is an MTG Limited-format threat. 

Oblivion Sower

Eldrazi on beach in MH3
Steal lands. Image via WotC

Oblivion Sower is a reprint found through the MH3 Commander Precon, Eldrazi Incursion. The Mythic Rare has 5/8 basic stats and costs six mana of any color to cast. 

Writhing Chrysalis

An Eldrazi Drone in MH3 MTG set
Counters matter. Image via WotC

Writhing Chrysalis is a strong Common Eldrazi drone MH3 card. It creates two tokens when the spell is cast, has Reach, and gains +1/+1 counters on its 2/3 basic stats whenever you sacrifice another Eldrazi. 

Kozilek’s Unsealing

Eldrazi breaking open magical prision
Crack a prison in half. Image via WotC

One of the best MH3 Eldrazi spoilers from the stories was Koziek’s Unsealing. The Uncommon Enchantment is an add-in to Modern Affinity decks. Kozilek’s Unsealing creates mana dork tokens and can draw three cards when the big Eldrazi cards are cast. 

All MTG Modern Horizons 3 spoilers will become available to play through Limited Prerelease events at local game stores that begin on June 7. 

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