Destiny 2 takes another shot at tackling loot drop RNG with new Attunement system

There’s a lot to look forward to with Destiny 2’s upcoming Into The Light update on April 9, mostly revolving around the suite of weapons available in its Onslaught mode. Onslaught will also feature Attunement, a new system allowing players to better chase the guns they most desire.

The feature was previewed today via the second Into The Light devstream. In the update’s social space, the Hall of Champions, players can attune their Guardian to one of the new weapons from the Brave arsenal. Attunement works like a toggle, and it improves the drop rate of the specific gun you’re currently attuned to in Onslaught. It might not guarantee a god roll, but it’ll make farming Destiny 2‘s first wave-based activity a far more forgiving experience than the usual Vanguard Ops or Gambit runs.

Three Guardians square off against Eliksni enemies in Midtown during a match of Onslaught.
Players will be able to marginally personalize their farming experience in Onslaught. Image via Bungie

It isn’t the first attempt Bungie’s had at tackling the issue of RNG. In The Witch Queen, the crafting system was introduced, and the Umbral Engram system in Season of Arrivals eventually evolved into the focusing one used across the majority of vendors. While both of these systems do offer players a more deterministic path to take with their loot, Attunement retains the thrill of the random drop, while still allowing players to ever so slightly bend the outcomes in their favor.

As of right now, Attunement appears to be something which will be exclusive to Into The Light and Onslaught. Depending on the reception it receives from fans, there’s always the possibility that it could see more widespread use across Destiny 2 in the future. But at the moment, its presence in Into The Light is more than enough, with all 12 of the reissued weapons looking to be top contenders in both the PvE and PvP meta. Everyone will be chasing that perfect roll of The Recluse or Midnight Coup—the Attunement system will be a blessing in making the pursuit a manageable one.

The one thing we don’t know, however, is just how much attuning to any given weapon will alter the odds. The success of the system will entirely depend on whether or not you can feel the impact of it from drop to drop, but Bungie didn’t reveal any specific numbers on how much of an influence Attunement would play on the rewards you receive from Onslaught.

Players will be able to access Attunements after unlocking each weapon through quests available from Arcite 99-40 in the Hall of Champions, which will also be needed to unlock some of the update’s other biggest items such as the returning Superblack Shader. It will all be available when Into The Light releases free for all players on Tuesday April 9.

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