Destiny 2 is finally getting an all-black shader with Into the Light

The Into the Light update is bringing a highly requested element in Destiny 2, and it’s not the Recluse or Midnight Coup. Instead, players can finally access a fully black shader once the update drops on April 9, as confirmed in a livestream today.

Destiny 2 has a sprawling fashion-focused fanbase, with subreddit DestinyFashion boasting over 250,000 members. “Fashion is the true endgame” is a common adage in those circles, and the upcoming Superblack shader is bound to please them. This cosmetic item appeared in the original Destiny, and now it’s coming to the sequel, according to the March 26 devstream.

The Into the Light Developer stream showcasing the all-black Superblack shader.
Now we’re talking. Screenshot by Dot Esports via

Superblack is tied to Into the Light activities and vendors, Lord Shaxx and Arcite 99-40. Based on the item’s description shown on the devstream, players will need to engage with both vendors to snag the shader. Unlocking Superblack requires two different keys: Shaxx’s Superblack Key Alpha seemingly unlocks after a full rank reset with him, since it appeared as the rank 17 reward during the stream. Arcite’s part of the key, on the other hand, is tied to completing weekly quests. You need both to unlock the shader.

Shaders—essentially four-color palettes that change the color of armor and weapons—are one of the main ways of customizing your character, and the right one can make or break an outfit. Since shaders only have four colors, players have limited freedom when choosing how to color a gear piece.

Plenty of shaders have black in them, but it’s usually mixed in with other colors. The Jacarina shader—which has black, dark gray, light gray, and white—may seem like a solution, but it doesn’t always work. In some cases, the black doesn’t shade as it’s meant to, and in other scenarios, you may even find light-blue accents on pieces, despite the color not even being in the Jacarina palette. This isn’t exclusive to Jacarina, but it’s likely the most infamous offender.

A guardian showing off a pair of leg armor painted with Jacarina, displaying huge blue and white details.
Where did that blue come from? Screenshot by Dot Esports

Players have long asked for a failproof all-black shader, and Bungie has finally listened. Superblack will appear in Destiny 2 once Into the Light lands on April 9, and the most fashion-focused guardians can start grinding for Shaxx and Arcite’s keys right away—though it may take some time to get the shader.

Into the Light is also bringing tons of new content, including a horde mode and a deadly set of classic weapons with new perks, and Bungie has another devstream slated for next Tuesday to showcase the rest of what’s coming with the update.

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