More XDefiant leaks tease future content like Assassin’s Creed Faction, new map

It seems as though nearly all Ubisoft IP will be up for inclusion in the upcoming first-person shooter XDefiant, according to new leaks.

In addition to signs pointing to season one featuring Rainbow Six operators as a new Faction in the game, a data miner has found further information about upcoming seasons, including the arrival of characters from a non-military shooter franchise joining existing Factions.

XDefiant characters standing in various poses in front of a purple and pink background.
Assassins vs. Cleaners? Image via Ubisoft

According to the leaks, season three of XDefiant will feature a Faction inspired by Assassin’s Creed, described as “an organized order of assassins who fought a continuous secret war with the Templars for over two thousand years.”

The thought of Assassins within the XDefiant world is exciting because they likely won’t look like Ezio or Altair of games within the franchise but instead a new modern look entirely. And their potential ability set is quite exciting, too.

On top of that, the leaks point to season two featuring the Highwaymen from Far Cry 5 spin-off Far Cry: New Dawn as a Faction, and season four’s featured Faction being the Wolves from Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

XDefiant executive producer Mark Rubin teased news about the game coming soon, potentially this week. That, along with other recent leaks, has the community excited that a release date may finally be announced soon after multiple delays to the fun arcade shooter.

XDefiant was last playable last June when its beta period ended, and fans have been looking for more ever since. But multiple issues with development, including problems with the in-game party system and netcode, have made the developer miss its mark for a release window multiple times since then.

Other info in the data mine points to battle pass pricing, items included in the battle pass like cosmetics and new weapons, and more.

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