Destiny 2’s next expansion is giving players more vault space 

There’s plenty to be excited about in Destiny 2‘s upcoming expansion, and not just for the end of the Light and Dark saga. Bungie will add 100 more vault spaces to all players when The Final Shape lands in June, as confirmed in a devstream today.

The March 26 devstream focused on gameplay for its upcoming update, Into the Light, slated for April 9. Developers gave a taste of what’s coming in the patch, but also gave the good news for a vault space increase in The Final Shape.

This isn’t the first time Bungie has increased vault space in recent years. Season 17 bumped that number up to a much-needed 600, up from the 500 slots that dominated the game since Forsaken in 2018.

Vault space is essential to Destiny 2 players. It limits how much gear they can stash away, which is vital in a loot-based game with the cadence and volume of weapons that Bungie’s space hit brings to the table. The extra 100 slots will bring the total to 700.

A Guardian's vault filled with loot, sitting at 585/600 capacity.
Don’t ask me why I need five DMTs. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The extra vault space also means players aren’t in dire need of deep-cleaning their vault before The Final Shape, since the new weapons and gear can always go on the extra slots. This contrasts with regular season releases, where players have to mercilessly clean their stash to make room for upcoming gear.

While 700 slots may seem like a lot, veteran players may have no problem filling their vaults to the brim, especially if they play more than one class. Each class has its set of Exotic armor pieces, and that’s before accounting for regular armor, which isn’t shared either. Add to that any weapons (potentially multiple copies of a weapon depending on rolls) and the new weapons brought roughly every three months, and opening your vault can show you it’s dangerously close to 600.

Cleaning out your vault in Destiny 2 isn’t necessarily easy, either, since there are plenty of items to sort through. As usual, though, the community has tools that help make this process considerably smoother. The ever-famous Destiny Item Manager (DIM) lets you tag items as Junk, Keep, Favorite, Infuse, or Archive, and allows you to sort through all of them at once. DestinyRecipes also has a dedicated vault-cleaning tool, which integrates with DIM.

Official images from DIM showing the vault visualization function.
Image via Destiny Item Manager

Even with the help of those items, though, players have to manually delete the gear in question, which may take a good chunk of time and effort. The extra 100 vault slots will make the transition into The Final Shape (and beyond) easier with less concern about your vault, though freeing up old items ahead of a release is generally a good idea.

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