Marvel Snap’s newest Series 5 entry is potentially this season’s best card

The final week of Marvel Snap’s Avengers vs. X-Men season may have brought its best card along with it.

War Machine, known to some as Colonel James Rhodes, will be well-known to Marvel fans everywhere. Portrayed by Don Cheadle (and Terence Howard for one movie), he’s more than just a silver version of Iron Man. And his ability in Marvel Snap sets him apart from Tony, too.

Here’s everything to know about Marvel Snap’s newest Series Five card, War Machine.

Marvel Snap March 26 new card: War Machine

War Machine Marvel Snap card art
Rhodey is here. Image via Second Dinner
  • Card stats: Four cost, six power
  • Card text: “On Reveal: Until the end of next turn, nothing can stop you from playing cards anywhere.”

Have you ever been annoyed by your inability to play in one or more of the three locations the game sent your way? Of course you have. This is Snap, baby, and War Machine is here to even the playing field.

War Machine will allow you to play any card at any location the next turn, meaning he’ll provide a direct counter to any location or card that restricts play. And he’ll also allow you to play cards that can’t be played in certain situations, such as Ebony Maw, Giganto, or even Infinaut.

His ability set is similar to Jeff the Baby Land Shark, but War Machine could be this season’s best card alongside Hope Summers thanks in large part to his ability that makes him a good addition to most existing decks due to how important locations are in the game. Hope is the same in that she’s not too niche, works well in multiple decks, and is just a decent play regardless of the situation on turn three.

War Machine is available now in this week’s Spotlight Caches or the Token Shop for 6,000 Collector’s Tokens.

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