Destiny 2’s next huge update will let players catch up instantly

Bungie confirmed today that Gift of the Thunder Gods will return in Destiny 2: Into the Light, allowing players to catch up to their friends.

Destiny 2: Into the Light launches free for all players on April 9. The upcoming expansion brings back highly-requested weapons, a new social space in the Tower, and a Shader that turns weapons and armor dark black. The Hall of Champions social space is a room full of rewards chests and also includes a feature that veteran players are sure to remember. And the Gift of the Thunder Gods will help players keep up with all of that new stuff by giving them some free power levels.

Destiny 2 gift
This chest is free for all players. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Gift of the Thunder Gods is a free chest designed to help new and returning players catch up to the current power level. In it, players will find different armor and weapons rewarded for each class. If the devs use the same system from before, all weapons will have pre-determined perks, and all armor items will have pre-determined stat rolls.

During the Destiny 2: Into the Light livestream, the devs confirmed the reward items will bring players up to the required power cap to start doing missions in the new update, but not all the way to the pinnacle gap, which is the max possible level.

How to acquire the Gift of the Thunder Gods in Destiny 2: Into the Light

Based on the Into the Light livestream, the Gift of The Thunder Gods chest will be in The Hall of Champions. When all items have been claimed from the chest of the current character, they will disappear from the Hall of Champions, but other characters will still be able to claim their items. We won’t know for sure which armor and weapons will be available until the update goes live.

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