Warzone devs respond to community concerns over Rebirth Island changes

Warzone community members shared mixed reactions after watching the Rebirth Island trailer today, so Raven Software cleared up some of the confusion.

Ahead of its release in CoD: MW3 season three, the Warzone devs dropped a cinematic trailer, revealing a few significant changes to the beloved resurgence map, Rebirth Island. Most notably, players noticed an underground tunnel filled with water and a dynamic event that created a massive hole in the middle of the prison. Warzone content creator HunterTV said “this was change that wasn’t needed,” and other community members shared that sentiment as well.

Rebirth Island
Are you excited for Rebirth Island’s return? Image via Activision

Raven Software stepped in before players got too carried away, though. The devs confirmed that at the start of season three, Rebirth Island will be “true to the original experience our players know and love.” But interactive changes are coming after launch in the form of Infil Strikes.

“Later into the season, players will have a rare chance to encounter Infil Strikes,” Raven Software said. “These are a set of dynamic events that will alter one of three possible POIs at random at the very start of a match. While the majority of matches will remain unaffected, these strikes provide a rare yet unique spin to rotation and traversal opportunities.”

For Fortune’s Keep, the redesigned version of the cult-favorite Resurgence map was altered by a massive underground explosion, creating new POIs and changing the layout of others. Some community members criticized the design as it didn’t resemble the original. With Infil Strikes, players won’t need to worry about Rebirth Island being changed permanently, but there will still be users who complain.

For players who have doubts about Infil Strikes, a blog later this week will likely explain the dynamic map changes on Rebirth Island in more detail.

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