Legendary MTG card Magda drops Treasure for Crimes in Thunder Junction

Magda is returning to Magic: The Gathering’s Standard format through Outlaws of Thunder Junction as a Legendary who creates Treasure tokens when you commit a Crime that can turn into a Dragon.

Magda in MTG has made her way to Thunder Junction through the Omenpaths, making Treasure along the way. The main theme of Outlaws of Thunder Junction is Western and villainy, with Magda, the Hoardmaster meeting both criteria. One of the main mechanics in the Standard-legal set is Crime, which Magda wants you to commit so she can create one tapped Treasure token per turn. 

Magda tossing coins with Dragon in background
Turn your Treasure into a Dragon. Image via WotC

Targeting anything of your opponent’s counts as a Crime in MTG. Magda, the Hoardmaster has that pesky WotC rule of “only once per turn,” but you can take advantage of the Treasure-making Dwarf by committing Crimes on both your turn and during your opponent’s turns. 

  • Card name: Magda, the Hoardmaster
  • Type: Legendary Creature—Dwarf Berserker
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Ability: “Whenever you commit a Crime, create a tapped Treasure token. This ability triggers only once each turn.”
  • Activated ability: “Sacrifice three Treasure tokens—Create a 4/4 Red Scorpion Dragon with Flying and Haste. Activate only as a Sorcery.”

Once you have three untapped Treasure tokens, which can occur as early as turn three in some cases, the Treasure tokens become sacrificial fodder to create a 4/4 Red Scorpion Dragon with Flying and Haste. Magda will definitely see play within the MTG Commander format and likely Constructed formats, too. And the Legendary is a Rare bomb within the OTJ Limited format. 

The only downsides to Magda, the Hoardmaster are Sorcery speed activation for the Dragon and her 2/2 stats. Letting the Dwarf create Treasure tokens multiple times a turn is broken, so I get why WotC put the once-per-turn rule on her ability. But a defense of two on a two-mana Legendary is slightly weak while leaving Magda open to more target removal. 

You can test out Magda, the Hoardmaster when Outlaws of Thunder Junction is released through Prerelease events on April 12.

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