Diablo 4 fans praise Vessel of Hatred for skipping early access split everyone loathed

Diablo 4 players have today heaped praise on Blizzard for skipping the early access pass for Vessel of Hatred, the game’s first big DLC expansion, after many feared they’d go down that route again with special editions.

When Diablo 4 initially launched, players were upset that only those with the Digital Deluxe Edition or higher were granted four days of early access. This meant players could experience new content sooner and gain an advantage. Many players found this to be a distasteful “money-grabbing” approach by the devs that only benefited those who could afford to fork out more cash. Surprisingly though, there’s no early access advantages in any of the Vessel of Hatred editions, and players are calling this a huge win.

ultimate edition cosmetics diablo 4 vessel of hatred
The ultimate cosmetics for an ultimate price. Image via Blizzard.

If you already own Diablo 4, you have three options to preorder Vessel of Hatred: The standard, deluxe, and ultimate editions. None of these editions offer early access, nor does the Diablo 4 plus Vessel of Hatred bundle, which is available for those who haven’t bought the base game. Instead of getting early access, preorder rewards range from pets to platinum to cosmetics, which means everyone will start on the same footing when Vessel of Hatred drops on Oct. 8.

While there’s no early access advantage, players are debating the worth of the editions. Although people can spend their hard-earned money however they please, players are already being flamed for spending $90 on the ultimate edition just for all the cute cosmetics, platinum, and the battle pass token. Truthfully, the cosmetics are cute, but it’s Hratli, the canine pet​, that sold me on buying the pricier edition because it resembles my own dog.

Some players believe the editions are worthwhile and are a “pretty good offer.” Still, others see them as “pretty overpriced” and “dodgy” and claim anyone who buys any of the editions is being “conned by Blizzard” with these bundles.

Regardless of where you stand on pricing for the editions, at least everyone’s on equal footing when Diablo‘s Vessel of Hatred DLC drops in October.

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