Starfield hit with another flood of negative reviews as players slam ‘outrageous’ Creation mods prices

Players are rallying against Starfield with a fresh flood of negative reviews following the long-anticipated release of Creation mods, where the pricing has caused quite a stir.

An announcement on Starfield at the Xbox Showcase at Summer Game Fest saw the surprise drop of the June 9 update, the highlight of which was cross-platform modding, but the prices of some Creations have not gone down well.

A screenshot of the Starfield Constellation Plushies mod.
300 Credits for plushies. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Not every mod available in Creations is free to use, with some requiring Creation Credits to purchase, and it works out at around $1 for 100 Creation Credits—though you can only purchase the currency in bundles, the smallest of which is 500.

Though that allows community modders to earn support for their hard work, it’s not just the community using the Creations platform, and Bethesda itself has several mods available for purchase.

One of them, The Vulture mission for the new Trackers Alliance, has a price point of 700 Credits, essentially working out as around $7 for a single mission—leading to consecutive days on Steam where negative reviews have outweighed the positive.

Players on Reddit discussed the topic and criticized the price point of Creations mods, where words like “outrageous,” “ridiculous,” and “disappointing” were regularly used.

One player summed up the sentiment of others perfectly by saying that “10$ should be a substantial add considering it’s 1/6th of the game cost”—which seems like a fair way of assessing whether you are getting enough bang for your buck.

That said, not all the Creation mods available are paid, with Bethesda offering three free mods available for download, but the other half of its released Creations combine to cost 2,000 Creation Points.

For a price that works out to around $20, that gives you access to an additional mission, a selection of plushies, and 22 other decor items. Considering that’s a third of Starfield’s price tag on Steam, it’s pretty ridiculous.

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