Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League devs committed to DLC despite massive flop

The developer behind Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has committed to fulfilling the first year of planned DLC despite the title being a huge flop.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League performed poorly among critics and players alike, with Warner Bros reportedly attributing a $200m revenue hit to the title after it fell well beneath expectations.

A preview of the additional content in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
More on the cards. Image via Rocksteady

The first post-launch season in Suicide Squad introducing the Joker was not enough to bring the game from the scrapheap, with player numbers on Steam continuing to dwindle and not hitting the 1,000 mark since April.

Despite the clear flop, developer Rocksteady is not pulling the plug on the title just yet and, in a statement to Kotaku, said the game will “complete its currently announced roadmap.”

It’s not clear, however, whether the roadmap and additional content will be fast-tracked, as the four seasons of free content will likely take up considerable manpower that is difficult to argue will be worth it.

Each new season in Suicide Squad will introduce a new playable character and new environments, alongside weapons, themed gear sets, activities, mid-season updates, and more. But it’s clear the game is on the losing side of a battle to bring players back to the game.

The good news, at least, is that Suicide Squad will not back out of the announced roadmap, which may be down to the fact that scrapping the content, all of which was advertised as free before launch, may result in players seeking refunds for not getting the product they were promised.

Suicide Squad’s second seasonal update is expected on July 4, given that is the date the first season’s battle pass runs to, but this has not been officially announced—nor has a new character, though leaks have suggested it will be Mrs Freeze.

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