Discord adds official but expensive VALORANT profile cosmetics and effects to its store

To celebrate the launch of the newest controller agent Clove, VALORANT and Discord have joined forces to release some limited-time agent-themed avatar and profile effects. They can be yours if you’re willing to pay a somewhat high price.

The new cosmetics are now featured at the top of the store in the Discord client, but each one is a bit pricey at $15.99, or $11.99 each if you’re a paid Nitro subscriber. There are five animated, thematic avatar decorations, one for Clove, Omen, Reyna, and Jett, plus one that’s based on the in-game ace effect. There are also three profile effects; two for Clove and another ace-themed one.

If you scroll down to the other selections on the store, items like this typically range between $6 and $12 for non-Nitro users, though those are cheaper for Nitro users, who also have a small collection of effects that are free to use. Though the VALORANT-themed profile and avatar effects are certainly stylish, they just feel a tad expensive.

But considering how much VALORANT players are willing to spend on skins and bundles in-game, perhaps the higher-priced Discord effects aren’t a step too far. There are several bundles that cost around or above 10,000 VALORANT points, which equates to roughly $100.

While it’s unclear how well the higher-priced bundles sell in VALORANT, we do know that the Champions bundles that sell for around $60 worth of VP and support competing esports teams have drawn millions in sales. The Champions 2023 bundle brought in $40 million in sales, half of which went to teams, with still a week before it was taken off the store. The 2021 and 2022 versions have also put up strong numbers.

As said above, the VALORANT-themed Discord effects are only available for a limited time until May 7.

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