Overwatch 2 Venture impressions: A drill-wielding powerhouse of damage and mobility

After just a few matches of playing as Venture, Overwatch 2’s newest damage hero, I’m already of the firm belief that they’ll be nerfed before launching in season 10. They are very strong.

Venture‘s ability kit is impressively powerful in a variety of ways in OW2. Using a drill as their main method of both attacking and defending themself, they can deal strong damage while also having multiple methods of escaping harm’s way.

Venture ability kit in Overwatch 2
An extremely powerful kit. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Their primary fire, Smart Excavator, launches a seismic charge that deals good damage while also exploding and having a minor area of effect. It’s able to finish off damage heroes and supports with three or four direct hits and has a short travel time before exploding, making it reminiscent of Sigma’s primary fire in a way.

Where Venture truly shines, however, is their abilities. This is strengthened even further by their Explorer’s Resolve passive, which grants 40 shields that last about four or five seconds every time they use either one of them.

Burrow is one of the strongest new abilities added in quite some time, allowing Venture to dig a hole and move around underground. Doing so will make them invulnerable from damage and also cleanse debuffs like burning or Ana’s anti-heal grenade. Not only that, but it has a four-second duration and can be extended by holding down left click at the end to charge up a big damage attack to emerge from underground.

Their second ability, Drill Dash, launches Venture forward a distance of about 10 meters. Making contact with the enemy will damage them and knock them backward. Say hello to a new boop mechanic. But it’s also incredibly useful for escaping harm’s way as aiming in any direction will launch them that way, including straight up into the air to reach high ground.

When using Drill Dash, I was reminded of Genji’s Swift Strike or Doomfist’s Rocket Punch when it comes to mobility and escaping or engaging the enemy.

Tectonic Shock is their ultimate, which has four charges of blasts that will fire at ground level in a wave that increases in size the further it travels, about 10 meters wide and even longer in distance, to deal moderate damage and knock enemies into the air.

Even Venture’s melee ability, Clobber, is powerful. They use their drill to swing at an enemy, but the longer it makes contact, the drill will add additional damage compared to other basic melee attacks in the game. The downside here is that successive attacks are way slower, too.

Venture character select screen in Overwatch 2
They are (almost) ready for battle. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Venture’s kit makes them stand apart from the rest of the roster as they feel truly unique in OW2. This is a good thing. Their abilities may be similar in function to other heroes, but they feel like an original addition to the roster in many ways.

It goes without saying, but I am not a professional player, nor am I a DPS main. I’m a 35-year-old tank main who can’t really aim that well, but I was having a blast on Venture. They feel very strong, but most importantly, their kit is a lot of pure, unadulterated fun.

I firmly believe Venture will receive a balancing pass (read: nerf) before launching when season 10 drops on April 16. For now, you can play them during this weekend’s test trial from March 28 to 31. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of Venture’s damage numbers fall or cooldowns rise, because it feels quite a bit too easy right now to escape from engagements if you’re playing too overzealously.

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