Even after 5 years, Hasan and Destiny still can’t stand each other

Hasan Piker and Destiny are two of the most popular political streamers on their respective platforms, but the streamers and their fanbases couldn’t be more at odds. In a recent trading of blows, Destiny took aim at Hasan’s declining viewership.

Destiny began streaming debate content in 2011, although the past year has seen the political creator gain more traction than ever. Debates against Jordan Peterson, Lex Fridman, and other high-profile figures has led to widespread attention for Destiny. This recent growth has made it all the harder for the streaming rivals to ignore each other. Alongside xQc and Greekgodx, Destiny took aim at Hasan and his allegedly declining viewership on a March 27 Kick stream. The Kick streamer began by reading off alleged screenshots from Hasan’s Discord, lamenting his own community and stating they “killed all the normies.”

Image of Destiny.
Destiny has debated countless other creators, but Hasan remains his prime feud. Image via YouTube.com/JordanPeterson.

Destiny went on to theorize that Hasan’s recent drop in viewership and supposed frustrations with his own community stems from his unwillingness to collaborate with others. “I don’t think he’s got good connections,” Destiny said. “He might be able to reach out to a quasi-celebrity and bring them on [stream], but he’s not converting a lot of that person’s fans to his stream.”

Destiny continued to point out Hasan’s recent falling out with Ethan Klein of the H3 Podcast. The duo formerly hosted a political podcast dubbed The Leftovers, but tensions over the Palestine conflict caused the podcast to go on an indefinite hiatus in November 2023. Destiny thinks this was an important source of additional viewers Hasan lost.

Image of Ethan Klein and Hasan Piker.
Hasan and Ethan’s show, The Leftovers, ended in November 2023. Screengrab via H3 Podcast

Per TwitchTracker, Hasan has experienced viewership losses over the past year. In March 2023, Hasan averaged 31,240 concurrent viewers with 5.83 million hours watched, but has since sunk to 18,862 average viewers with 3.86 million hours watched. These numbers still place Hasan as one of the most-viewed streamers on Twitch, but the channel has undeniably seen a steady decline in viewership.

Through all of the reasoning behind Hasan’s reported “fall off,” Destiny made it clear he still holds resentment toward the Twitch streamer. When Greekgodx accused Destiny of enjoying Hasan’s recent viewership losses, the Kick streamer responded in the affirmative: “Well, yea, I fucking hate him, of course. I think he’s an evil person.”

For anyone unfortunate enough to be a fan of both Hasan and Destiny, it still looks like a collaboration is off the table. Destiny has fired the most recent shot, but it appears unlikely that this feud will end anytime soon.

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