Does Once Human have controller support?

Once Human is a post-apocalyptic survival game, which is nothing new, but its unique monsters and worldview are different and quite exciting. How you can navigate through this world is the real question, though as Once Human‘s controller support is a hot topic amongst fans.

Featuring supernatural enemies called Deviations and human players called Metas, there’s a lot to explore in the open world and unravel in Once Human‘s story. Now that the game has been fully released, many players wonder about their controller options.

Here’s what you need to know about Once Human‘s controller support.

Can you play Once Human with a controller?

Once Human open world exploration
It’s a glorious open world. Image via Starry Studio

As of the game’s launch, Once Human does not support controllers. According to the post-release developer blog, the game couldn’t ship with controller capabilities due to “ongoing technical adjustments.”

It’s always possible that the game will add controller support in the future, especially considering that it would work exceptionally well for the third-person shooter. But for now, it’s keyboard and mouse only.

When will Once Human add controller support?

Once Human developers are aiming to add controller support to the game by August. Once Human‘s Steam Deck availability also shares a similar fate with controller support.

While emulators could work as temporary solutions in the meantime, the lack of optimization can be deal breaker for some players. Thankfully, August is just around the corner, and there’s still a lot to do in the game even if you’re bounded by a keyboard and mouse setup. Unlocking free content with Once Human codes, or solving passcodes should keep you busy until Starry Studio releases the controller update for the game.

In addition to quality of life patches, Once Human may also receive hotfixes as there have been reports of crashing errors.

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