Once Human Martial God’s Home – How to express respect for the ‘Janitor’

You can find multiple puzzles and riddles to solve while working your way through the many side quests in Once Human. A particular riddle is available to you as you work alongside Lowe during the Martial God’s Home quest.

The primary task for this quest is to express your respect to the Janitor. As you might expect, there’s a certain act you need to do while next to the Janitor, and if you don’t perform it for them, they’re going to ignore you. Unlike the quest you completed to unlock this one, where you had to give ore to a Deviation, this one requires a specific action. Unfortunately for players, Lowe doesn’t provide exact details on what this action is other than paying your respects in Once Human.

How to respect the Janitor in Once Human

How to get the Paper Figure in Once Human
Use the respect emote in front of the Paper Figure. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The way you go about showing your respect to the Janitor Deviation is by performing the respect emote. You can do this by selecting the respect emote in your Once Human inventory screen and going to the cosmetics page. From here, select the respect action, assign it one of the hotkeys available on your emote wheel, and perform the action while standing before the Janitor. Like solving the Sunbury Middle School passcode or completing Lost in Madness, the exact details of this quest are not shared with you, forcing you to figure them out.

If you’re having trouble finding the Janitor, make sure you’ve made your way over to Citrus County, an area northwest of Deadsville. This is where you get the Martial God’s Home quest from Lowe, who has you tracking down Deviations to add to your arsenal. These are exceptionally helpful companions that can aid you in combat.

You receive the Paper Figure Deviation when you complete the Martial God’s Home quest. But unlike the other Deviations, the Paper Figure is not a combat companion. Instead, it’s one you can place inside your territory, who is there to assist you in gathering materials. You can place the companion inside your base, where it discovers lost items while within your territory in Once Human.

After you receive the Paper Figure from showing the Janitor your respect, ensure you return to Lowe to complete the quest. He encourages you to keep the Deviations and shares that you should place them in your camp. They will help you during your journey in Once Human, and Lowe looks forward to further partnerships with you.

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