Newly leaked Mulcharmy card is terrifying Yu-Gi-Oh! players with Maxx ‘C’ flashbacks

It looks like Konami is once again trying to bring Maxx “C” back to life in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, at least according to recent leaks of a card coming to Japan later this month.

The new card is going by the name Mulcharmy Fuwaross for now, according to translations from YGOrganization and the Yu-Gi-Oh! community at large. If that Mulcharmy name—or the nightmarish thought of another version of Maxx “C”—sounds familiar, you’ve probably heard of the card Mulcharmy Purulia, which arrived in Japan in April and is set to come to North America on July 19 with the release of The Infinite Forbidden.

Screenshot of leaked Yu-Gi-Oh! card Mulcharmy Fuwaross and its translated effect.
Another Mulcharmy card is on the way. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Jesse Kotton YGO

Maxx “C” is one of the most controversial cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! history as a powerful hand trap that allows you to send it from your hand to the Graveyard and draw one card each time your opponent Special Summons a monster during that turn. The card is still legal in the OCG and Master Duel, but it’s banned in the TCG. So when Mulcharmy Purulia was initially revealed a couple of months ago, TCG players started to fear a Maxx “C” clone was on the way.

Mulcharmy Purulia is similar to Maxx “C” in that it allows you to draw cards, but only when your opponent Normal or Special Summons a monster from the hand. Additionally, unlike Maxx “C,” it seemingly attempts to balance this draw power with a stipulation that at the end of the turn, the player who uses Mulcharmy Purulia must randomly shuffle cards back into their Deck so that their hand size equals the number of cards their opponent controls plus six. Essentially, this means there’s a limitation on how many cards you can have in hand after using Mulcharmy Purulia—whereas you could draw until you deck out with Maxx “C.”

Now, enter Mulcharmy Fuwaross. This card, according to translations, has similar restrictions to Purulia. But as opposed to drawing when your opponent Normal or Special Summons from the hand, Fuwaross will allow players to draw when their opponent Special Summons from the Deck or Extra Deck—which is especially popular in today’s Snake-Eye-filled meta.

Many Yu-Gi-Oh! players immediately reacted to the Fuwaross leaks, including multi-time YCS champions and content creators Joshua Schmidt and Jesse Kotton. Kotton said Mulcharmy Fuwaross is “probably a candidate for best card of the year,” while Schmidt thinks “this is a REALLY good card and I am like 60/40 that its not a great idea, but I think its nowhere close to Maxx C.”

“Yeah okay this one is just Maxx ‘C,’” Yu-Gi-Oh! streamer and content creator Joseph “MBT” Rothschild said on Twitter/X. “This is completely crazy,” commentator Sebastian “Lampi” Lemke said. “We thought the first Mulcharmy is the new Maxx ‘C.’ Instead this is it.”

While TCG players will have to wait until October to get their hands on Mulcharmy Fuwaross with the NA release of Rage of the Abyss, OCG players will have the chance to test this new card out starting on July 27. That will give Western Yu-Gi-Oh! players a few months to see how the card impacts the OCG meta—and mentally prepare for Fuwaross’ arrival this fall.

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