Doom: The Dark Ages goes medieval in the battle against demons

Doom: The Dark Ages was unveiled at the Xbox Showcase at Summer Game Fest, revealing the battle against Hell’s horde of demons is going back centuries.

A prequel to 2016’s Doom and Doom Eternal, Doom: The Dark Ages will feature the origin of the Slayer’s rage and his rise from a kingdom’s last hope to Hell’s greatest fear.

The Slayer in Doom: The Dark Ages facing the camera.
Hell unleashed. Image via Bethesda

The fight will feature battles against familiar foes from the Doom franchise, many of which are given a fresh look to fit with the medieval times, as well of all-new threats in the bestiary—so there’s plenty to slay.

To fit with the times, players in Doom: The Dark Ages are given new tools in their arsenal—including a “revved-up, throwable Shield Saw” and a Flail to accompany your trusty Super Shotgun.

Gameplay is heavily inspired by the original Doom title, now over 30 years old, featuring destructible demons, vicious melee strikes, and the ability to pilot a monstrous mech and ride on the Slayer’s Mecha Dragon—so while you’ll be tackling Hell’s demons in single-player, you won’t feel alone.

No solid release date has been provided for Doom: The Dark Ages beyond a tentative 2025 release window but you can add the game to your wishlist on the Microsoft Store, PlayStation Network, and Steam right now.

Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass can enjoy Doom: The Dark Ages on day one as part of their subscription, with further details on any further Game Pass benefits to be announced before the title goes live next year.

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