Dragon Age The Veilguard new trailer introduces new, main characters

Electronic Arts has just released a new trailer for Dragon Age: The Veilguard, revealing new characters and a glimpse into the franchise’s next epic adventure. 

After nearly a decade of anticipation, fans of the Dragon Age series were finally rewarded with a new trailer for the upcoming game, Dragon Age: The Veilguard, during the Xbox Games showcase on June 9. The latest preview not only gives a glimpse of the game’s rich, immersive world but also introduces a host of new characters that players will soon fight alongside. 

Dragon Age: The Veilguard
Dragon Age: The Veilguard‘s main character. Image via EA

Dragon Age: The Veilguard picks up the narrative threads left hanging since the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition in 2014, and the excitement surrounding the franchise’s return is palpable. This trailer has only intensified the hype by unveiling a diverse and intriguing cast of characters, including a familiar face. In addition to Varric, the beloved rogue, players meet his “old friend” Harding, a formidable scout with a powerful longbow, who guides viewers through the introduction of six new characters. 

The trailer reveals that these characters will be crucial allies in the journey through The Fade, the mirror realm linked to Thedas but separated by the Veil. Players will encounter Neve, the detective who will be their eyes and ears in the shadows, and Lucanis, the deadly mage killer armed with so many daggers. They will also meet Bellara, whose veil-jumping abilities hint at a unique connection to The Fade, and Emmrich, the necromancer who wields the dark arts against their foes. Joining them are Davrin the Warden and Tash, the fiery dragon hunter, all under your leadership as the player, tasked with guiding this diverse group through treacherous landscapes to uncover long-buried secrets.

The journey promises intense battles against demons and dragons and the ultimate defiance of the gods, setting the stage for the game’s release, teased for Fall 2024. Fans won’t have to wait long for more information, as a full gameplay reveal is scheduled for June 11, offering an exciting glimpse into what lies ahead in Dragon Age: The Veilguard.

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