Doublelift perfectly sums up LoL’s ADC meta: ‘Do everything wrong, still win’

The solo queue AD carry meta in League of Legends has been quite diverse for a while. In his latest stream, Doublelift made some strong comments on its current state.

The former pro player and now full-time streamer was playing and reviewing his high-elo games in League on June 9. In one of them, he picked Seraphine, a fairly common champion in solo queue. Despite making a few mistakes in the laning phase, he still managed to come out victorious in most skirmishes, which led to him making some insightful remarks about the role in general.

“I’m playing Smolder late-game, I’m playing Jinx late-game, like dude, I’m gonna carry, I need to carry, I’ll do everything to fucking carry this game. And the guy who is like fucking coked out in his living room, playing League on overheating laptop on Seraphine is just winning the game,” Doublelift said.

The streamer pointed out to the current state of the solo queue meta. In his eyes, no matter how hard you try on traditional, ranged AD-based carries in the bottom lane, you’ll still get outscaled and outplayed by mages like Seraphine.

You don’t have to take his word for it—just look at the stats. At the time of writing, the two best champions in the role above Emerald rank are Brand and Seraphine, with win rates of 53.18 and 52.96 according to U.GG. Ziggs is also in the top 10.

On the same broadcast, Doublelift analyzed one of the two-versus-two fights he got into. A viewer commented by saying: “Do everything wrong, still win,” to which Doublelift responded “yup, pretty much.”

Mages are hardly new in the ADC meta. They’ve been here for years now, but it’s still disappointing to see them remaining so powerful that they push traditional marksmen out of their roles.

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