LoL fans disgusted Faker’s Hall of Legends trophy already damaged: ‘Disrespectful and embarrassing’

On June 7, Faker finally got his Hall of Legends trophy and was officially revealed as the first player to be inducted into the League of Legends group. But it was already visibly damaged, and understandably, fans are mad.

The video of Faker accepting and celebrating the trophy in Seoul was shared by numerous news outlets. Some took closer shots at the award itself, and it looks like it has a crack-like scratch on the side. Furthermore, one side looks a bit damaged, like it fell during transport. These flaws quickly made it to social media platforms like Reddit, where fans voiced their disgust with the trophy’s state.

Hall of Legends Faker trophy.
The original trophy had two damaged marks on itself. Screenshot via KOREA NOW on YouTube

“Not much else has to be said. […] Disrespectful and just embarrassing, but that’s kinda where riots been heading for a while,” one of the top comments reads.

Others took shots at how the League developer is ripping off players a $450 skin bundle while not being able to fund a high-quality, undamaged trophy. “‘We could not afford good quality trophy before milking with the Ahri skin,’” one fan wrote. “‘Sir, the trophy has dents and is scratched. Who cares? The skins gonna sell anyway,’” another added.

Luckily for Riot, the company noticed the trophy’s damage during the presentation, and eventually gave Faker a replacement without any signs of damage. ” Korea Riot team noticed it was broken after we gave it to him and replaced it with our extra one that we had. So the one Faker actually owns now should be perfect looking,” RiotSakaar explained on Reddit.

Still, you can’t be surprised by the community’s reaction. After demanding hundreds of dollars for a couple of skins and cosmetics and not backing down, the company just gave fans another thing to make fun of. Despite Faker getting a new trophy, it’s yet another thing that doesn’t look good for the U.S. developer.

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