Dragon’s Dogma 2 early patch notes: When is the first DD2 update?

After a lot of hype and anticipation, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is finally here and while the launch did see a huge spike of new players jumping into the franchise, it wasn’t without its problems.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is playable, but for many gamers, there are several huge problems that have soured the overall experience. While not all of these are easy fixes, Capcom has promised to address most of them once they ship out the roleplaying game’s first patch.

Patch 1.1 can’t come soon enough for Dragon’s Dogma 2, and for those eagerly awaiting news, here’s everything we already know about the update.

When will Dragon’s Dogma 2’s first patch arrive?

A player in Dragon's Dogma 2 attacking a Griffin.
Any day now. Image via Capcom

Capcom has confirmed that Dragon’s Dogma 2 Patch 1.1 update is already on the way, though the devs have been relatively quiet on an exact date up to today; the best information they’ve given players right now is it’ll go live “in the near future.”

This could mean any number of things, but we’d expect it to happen in the coming weeks, if not days at this stage. Players are rightfully expecting a lot from this update, so it makes sense that the Dragon’s Dogma developers would take their time to craft something meaningful that hits all the wobbling nails on the head straight away.

What’s in Dragon’s Dogma 2 Patch 1.1?

The NPC Ulrika in Dragon's Dogma 2.
An NPC archer in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2’s first update will address many of the concerns players have voiced since the RPG’s shaky launch. This includes the inability to restart the campaign, the much-wanted ability to buy your own home, and much more. Capcom has already shared some of what will be coming, but the remainder of the notes will be unveiled on arrival.

The ability to start over

Having the ability to restart your game is the big thing players are waiting for and that will be hitting the game with Patch 1.1. Something else we expect from the update is performance fixes. While it might not fix every framerate problem currently in the game, Patch 1.1 should make things flow a little smoother for most players.

Save money, stay home

Having a place to rest for free is incredibly useful as it allows you to save money, and keep your progress while adventuring. Previously this was only available later in the game, but as of Patch 1.1, it will be ready to acquire much earlier.

Microtransactions won’t change

Players shouldn’t expect any of the microtransaction-related problems to be addressed. Capcom has made its stance clear: These items can be earned through playing the game, so it’s unlikely any changes will be made.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Patch 1.1 patch notes

An image of an armored character from Dragon's Dogma 2
The patch we’ve all been waiting for. Image via Capcom

Gameplay changes

  • Adding the option to start a new game when save data already exists
  • Changing the number of “Art of Metamorphosis” items available at Pawn Guilds in the game to 99
  • Making the quest that allows players to acquire their own dwelling (where they can save and rest) available earlier in the game
  • Miscellaneous text display fixes
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

PlayStation and Xbox-specific updates

  • Adding the option to switch Motion Blur on/off in Options
  • Adding the option to switch Ray Tracing on/off in Options
  • Adding the option to set Frame Rate to either Variable of Max 30FPS in Options

Steam-specific updates

  • Improving quality when DLSS Super Resolution is enabled
  • Fixing an issue where models appeared low-quality under some specific settings

These patch notes are all tentative until Capcom releases the official update.

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