Much-needed Dragon’s Dogma 2 mod finally stops your Pawns from yapping so much

If you are among the Dragon’s Dogma 2 players fed up with their unnecessarily chatty Pawns but don’t want to miss out on the crucial information they offer between the yapping, a talented mod maker has finally come up with an incredibly customizable solution.

While you could shut them up before by disabling Pawn voices and Pawn dialogues from Dragon’s Dogma 2’s settings, you can now download a free mod called ShutUpPawns that offers custom options. Created by a NexusMod user named emoose, the mod does exactly what its name suggests but gives you more control over what you can block than the in-built settings.

A woman holds her hand up, a golden light glowing from it. Two men stand behind her in Dragon's Dogma 2.
I know there’s a ladder. Please stop talking about it. Image via Capcom

For example, the Pawns are always excited about every ladder or chest in your vicinity—you can choose to block these particular dialogues with the mod while keeping other possibilities open. Besides offering several presets for common and annoying dialogues, the mod also features a history of the last 10 dialogues your Pawns spoke in its UI and lets you custom block them. You can also block your Pawns from high-fiving you.

With the in-game settings, however, you have to completely block Pawn dialogues, which may result in you missing out on crucial clues while exploring. If you want your Pawns to stop directing you for things you already know, ShutUpPawns should help ease your urge to uninstall Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Note you must follow a couple of steps, including installing REFramework into the game, to get the mod working. Thankfully, the creator offers a detailed guide on how to set it up, so that’s a relief.

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