Gamebreaking CS2 bug lets everyone cheat super easily, but bans are already coming

Counter-Strike 2 being flooded with cheaters is nothing new. But on April 7, a simple console command let players use cheats frustratingly easily. Luckily, though, players are already getting banned for cheating.

Late on April 7, certain CS2 profiles on X shared how players are apparently available to turn on wallhacks with one simple console command. Many of the posts have been silenced, and the subreddit itself mentions FACEIT handing out two-year bans to those who used the command.

It seems the community is trying to keep this one quiet as much as it can. At the time of writing, Valve hasn’t addressed it officially, and knowing its style of communication, chances are it won’t speak about it at all.

Italy with two players shooting each other with a smoke behind them
Cheaters are running rampant in CS2. Image via Valve

We found the apparent console command that enabled the cheat, and tried to see if it’s still working in CS2 (in private practice mode, obviously). It wasn’t working when we checked, so chances are it’s already been hotfixed by the developer.

Nevertheless, this issue points out a major problem with Valve and CS2—rampant cheating. For months since the September 2023 release, players have been complaining about cheaters, especially in Premier mode.

“Valve MM bug abusers will get total 0 punishment. Just like over 20 blatant cheaters I faced just past month,” one of the players wrote on Reddit. Certain pro players went as far as to call the current anti-cheat software “a joke.”

While the Seattle-based developers have been tirelessly working on solving numerous other issues, it seems there isn’t much being done about cheaters, who are finding more and more ways to break the game.

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