Marvel Rivals accidentally unveils new map and teases a major villain

Marvel Rivals has showcased a detailed look at a new map and teased a major villain appearance—though it all seemed unintentional.

Marvel Rivals was officially revealed on March 27, resulting in a huge wave of excitement. Now, new details provide a deeper look into one particular arena.

An image of Storm, Magneto, The Punisher, Star-Lord, Mantis and Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Rivals trailer
Plenty more to come. Image via NetEase Games

The first look at Marvel Rivals showcased a handful of playable characters, destructible environments, and a quick look at the Asgard map where players will battle—but much more was accidentally revealed.

Fans were given a deep dive into the Asgard-inspired map in a video posted on social media that has since been deleted.

Yggsgard, the official name of the map, showcases the golden palace fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will immediately recognize. But a major difference is Yggdrasil, the world tree towering above the environment.

In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil is a sacred tree that acts as the tree of life and hosts the nine worlds among its branches. While it has been mentioned in the MCU, the visuals in Marvel Rivals are a huge contrast.

The biggest tease came at the end of the video, however, where the camera panned to a large mural of Hela, the Asgardian Goddess of Death and sister of Thor, dropping a huge hint that she will play a role in Marvel Rivals.

It’s not known whether Hela will be an antagonist to the central story in Marvel Rivals or a playable character, and she may end up being both. But her inclusion adds to a growing list of rogues set to feature in the title.

Fans have already been shown Galacta and Dr. Doom will play a significant role in the Marvel Rivals lore, while the likes of Magneto and Loki have been unveiled as playable characters.

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